Thursday, December 24, 2009

The spirit

If you didn't believe in Christmas miracles before, perhaps you will now: Hello! I'm out of hiding and only mildly insane from the season.

It's been a far nuttier year than I would have expected, sturdily punctuated by a November largely lost to illness, doctors, hospitals, and recovery. While I'll do my best to avoid TMI, I have a few conditions that have played off each other and created a perfect storm – nothing life-threatening, but certainly leaving me low on quality of life. Round 1: get the top-level, potentially dangerous things in line; round 2: a procedure to take care of a major root problem.*

So, following two hospital stays and a total of three weeks off work, you may be glad to know I've more than leveled out – I'm doing exceptionally well, better than I've felt in a while. Things that I'd started to accept as part of my daily life are disappearing rapidly, in a good way. My mom and Bryan have been even more wonderful than usual; my mom stayed with me at the hospital and drove me to a host of appointments. It was nicer than ever to have someone around who knows how to wrangle medical care.


And so life, work, and all the rest rolls on. I'm knitting on a single project, mostly just for the knitting. I'm spending quite a bit more time in the kitchen, which really makes me happy. I'll be trying a new quick-bread recipe in the next couple of days, as well as my good old standby pumpkin bread. I even took some Meyer lemons offered by a coworker and made a gorgeous sorbet!

Really, there's just a whole lot of happy going on for me right now. Not perky, bouncing-off-the-walls happy, but mellow, love-my-family, enjoying-every-day happy. I think I like that better.

Thanks to losing November, it took me a while to even absorb that we'd come to the holidays. But I'm with it now! We're doing it low-key, but it will be lovely. I've had a nice spirit about the whole thing...that same pleasant, mellow feeling. Mostly because I've already received more gifts than I could have dreamed: my family and friends top the list; my health is a really close second.

Yep, the sap in me is still around, too. Driving back from a lunchtime shopping trip today, I took a high overpass from the Sam Houston Tollway onto I-45 and got a beautifully clear view of the Houston skyline – the kind that makes me catch my breath and think, for all its flaws, how much I love my city, and how grateful I am to call it home.

I'm grateful for you, too. :) Merry Christmas and/or happy Winter Holiday of Your may even see me again before the New Year!

* It's a Mayo Clinic link that explains the procedure, if you're interested; nothing gross, but don't feel obligated to click.