Sunday, July 20, 2008

Five years later

On July 20, 2003, I spent the early part of the day rushing around my mother's house like a madwoman. The day before, I'd just bought a new car - and by 7:30 that evening, I'd be on the road back to my apartment in DFW.

But in between, I had a first date. I was to meet him at Kenny and Ziggy's Delicatessen on Post Oak Boulevard in Houston. Though I set out from Pasadena in plenty of time, I didn't know that there were two ends to Post Oak...and I picked the wrong one, which threw me off by 20 minutes. I started to worry that my date would think I was standing him up, and panicked a bit more.

When I finally pulled into the parking lot, thankfully, there he was at the curb: a tall, burly guy wearing a navy-and-white Hawaiian shirt and a sweet, friendly face. I said out loud to myself: "Oh my God, he's adorable."

I don't remember exactly what we ate, though I'm pretty sure I had a sandwich. I don't remember which of the many waiters we've had since then was the one who served us, though I'm pretty sure they're still working there. I just remember knowing right away what I'd spent weeks of phone conversations trying to ignore: this was a guy I wanted to spend a lot more time with.

Later, the crowds and the heat at the Museum of Natural Science sent me scurrying out of the St. Peter and the Vatican exhibit in an attempt not to faint. If I could have melted through the floor, I would have; I was sure that would be the deal-breaker. Not so. He showed sincere concern, made sure I got a good drink of water and some cool air, even reassured me that he was getting overheated himself.

We made our way back to my car, parked there by the Starbucks across the street from the Galleria, and settled in for one last hour before I hauled it 300 miles north. It wasn't until I sat down with my Tazo iced black tea that I realized I wasn't alone in trying to make the time last...and at some point, right then and there, it stopped being just a first date.

We walked out hand-in-hand...stood there next to my car, not wanting to leave...kissed in the parking lot, not caring that several hundred people could see us. When I finally managed to tear myself away, I got in the car and called my mom, then my best friend (still my roommate at the time). Said, in answer to the questions: "Kismet."

A month later, we were talking marriage; two months, and we were engaged. Three months after that, I did something I'd spent ten years swearing I'd never do: I moved back to Houston.

Turns out he was absolutely worth it. So when this five-year mark came around, where else would we go to celebrate?

34/365: five years later

Dinner was, as usual, fantastic. And you know what? I still think he's adorable. I think maybe he likes me too.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Vacation, part 3: FW (short), etc.

I find that I feel less guilty about not posting when I have not made too many promises. :) So...the vacation wrap-up, pretty briefly; plus a little other housekeeping.

Friday: Hot car, cute kid

After fortifying myself with Indian food and a dose of my honey, I set off for the north (with a brief detour to Twisted Yarns). One incredibly warm, four-hour-long car ride later, I settled in at a Chili's in Bedford with two of my favorite people:

thomas and caety

I can hardly believe this is the same Thomas. He's getting close to four now, and so smart. Also, I think he might resemble his mom just.a.little.

Tasty burger, nice long BFF chat...a good Friday.

Saturday: Reunited

I met my friend Kathy 12 years ago, when we both worked for the YMCA. We were close while I lived in FW, and did a good job of keeping up when I moved to Houston...until about two years ago, when we lost touch.

Happily, we set that right with a leisurely lunch, full of talk of husbands, kids, cats, and jobs - and as is always the case with good friends, it was like we hadn't missed a day.

5/365: kat cat sus

That's Kathy at left, Caety in the center, yours truly at right. Relaxed and happy looks good on all of us, I think.

Caety and I followed up with some successful shopping and a nice seafood dinner with her boys (seen here earlier, GameBoying away):

game boys

Sunday: Fin.

Except for a really nice lunch with Caety...the less said about Sunday, the better.

This vacation was definitely the re-set I needed, all in all. I didn't do absolutely everything I'd planned, but no time was really wasted and I did *plenty* all the way through. I think it also says something about how much I like my job that I didn't dread going back. It's busy again...but aside from a holiday weekend of feeling like butt, and Mechanical Failure Monday (my front tire [story here], my mom's air conditioner, and things at other peeps' houses), all is well in the land of:

16/365: self-explanatory

(I am so loving 365, even if my day-to-day quality varies wildly.)

Up next: maybe a post about my second big sewing project. :)