Friday, September 26, 2008

An old song by Snap!

As if no one has heard this one before. I'm also feeling very punny this week...and I don't care, because


My neighbor called at 6 last night to let me know that, 13 days after it went out, our electricity was finally back on. Which means that Bryan and I can comfortably go home after 11 days at my mom's house.

(Let's get this out of the way quickly: I am grateful that we have no house damage and that everyone we know is OK. I know we got off pretty light, much lighter than a lot of folks [including Amy and her family]. I know we're incredibly privileged in the first place. But being robbed of my creature comforts was definitely...well...uncomfortable.)

It's finally starting to feel a bit more like normal, though my workplace is still shaken up and the evidence of Ike's path is everywhere to be seen. The good news is, this experience has pointed out a handful of things that will make next time (whether it's 25 years away, or two) better, and we'll soon be ready to jump on them.

In other news, it will be great to have something else to talk about soon. Y'all will be the first to know when I do! Thanks again for all the good thoughts. Keep 'em coming, and as soon as I figure out a good way to help Amy (and the rest of Galveston's residents), I'll shout it out.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The safe and sound report

Hurricane Ike has passed over the Galveston-Houston area, and this not-so-intrepid blogger is now posted at her mother's house, where there is power and a dial-up connection. Bryan and I came through just fine, with only some down tree limbs and a continuing power outage at home.

Not that many of the locals will be able to read this, but I know there are folks far and wide that read the various blogs of the Central Houston Stitch 'n' Bitch and will be curious how we have fared. So here's the news as I have it:

Sea Anemone Amy, a Galveston native and resident, evacuated safely with her family. They have all returned to Houston and are staying with relatives, but do not know much about when they will be able to get back to the island.

Group member Liz (blogless, JanuarySix on Ravelry), a Clear Lake resident, evacuated safely to Austin and remains there at this writing.

Mo, Kelly (kelp!), Meredith, and Sarah (blogless, htownnole on Ravelry) and their respective husbands rode out the storm and are safe. I believe Katharine did the same with her parents.

There are a handful of other regulars and occasionals ([Mini]Laura, Esther, Sharron, Mingled Yarn Elizabeth) on whom I don't have news. If any of you happen to be reading, please let me know!

I will bore everyone with our experience when I have a more reliable connection. In the meantime, please keep sending all your thoughts and prayers. A lot of folks down here really need them. Here's hoping it gets closer to normal sooner than we think.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mid-day and all is still well

Howdy, all. A new day, a much scarier look at the storm. ABC13 news pointed out quite a while ago that Galveston Island is flooding and not a drop of rain has fallen the storm surge is going to be quite an SOB.

I'm happy to say that I've spoken to Amy today, and she is safely bunkered just outside Austin. Her loved ones seem to have gotten out of harm's way, too.

At this point, it looks my mom and stepdad are on their way out of town as well. They live in evacuation zone C, which for some unknown reason has not yet received an order. Thankfully, they're not waiting - they're packing up and headed toward Austin to stay with my stepdad's sister.

We're still on terra firma around my neck of the woods (and in the areas where the rest of my Houston peeps live), but that may not last much longer. Not sure what all this is going to bring, honestly. I think we'll be safe where we are (and if that changes, we can move quickly), but this could be the worst thing the Texas Gulf Coast has seen in decades in terms of damages.

Fingers crossed. Praying. Using up a lot of tape. Putting on our hauling-ass shoes. At this point, that's about all we can do.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The plan

My best friend text-messaged me a bit ago to ask if I had any plans for getting out of harm's (read: Hurricane Ike's) way. My answer?

"Masking tape and hard cider."

Not to be flip about the dangers, mind you. This thing is MASSIVE and is going to beat Houston and pretty much the entire western Gulf Coast to pieces. I haven't been here for one this big* since Hurricane Alicia in 1983, which (being 10 years old) I slept through.

This is just a quick stop by for those of you who might wonder. Bryan and I will indeed be staying at home with Fuzz and Snoopy and a whole lot of canned food. Not to give you my address, but we are not in an evacuation zone and the worst we expect is loss of power.

I have also been talking to Galveston resident (Sea Anemone) Amy, who is evacuating to the Hill Country and will be safe there. (Haven't talked to other SnBuddies, but if you're reading, stay safe and dry!)

That's the news from the strike zone. Believe it or not, I'm actually *working* from home right now...remember Hell Month from previous years? Yep, we're right in the thick of it. So, as I've told my peeps, I'll be online until/unless I can't.

So, a teeny little request: all thoughts/vibes/prayers including (but not limited to) "dissipation," "weakening storm," "quick restoration of power," and "safe residents" are very much appreciated. I'll update when I can.

Signing off with vanilla vodka wishes and vienna sausage least until tomorrow.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Notes from the (almost) quarter-point

It's day 83 of my 365, one week-ish shy of the quarter-year mark, and I've decided that Now It's Time For a Breakdown.*

- Number of 365 photos including my entire face: 42
(Slightly more than half. I was a bit surprised that it was this high.)
- Part of my face: 4
- With my hands as the intentional subject: 8
- With my hands included to make it technically a 365, though my real subject was something else: 20
- With my feet as the subject: 2
- With Bryan: 7
- With a friend/friends: 4
- With my mom: 2
- With a cat (accidentally or on purpose): 3
(I was surprised by this too - that it was so low.)
- At a grocery/home sundries store: 4
- With food I was making/eating: 6
- Knitting: 2
(This is really shameful.)
- At home: 32
- At work: 13
- In my car: 6
- Taken in the morning: 6
- Friday Faces: 11

And finally, for now -

Photos that I really, really love in which I am actually identifiable: 9

That this last is greater than 10% of the current photos just stuns me. True enough, by day 15 I had already noticed that this 365 was achieving one of my goals: feeling less self-conscious about being in photos. But I didn't imagine how much change I'd feel throughout my life because of it. And I'm *less. than a fourth. done.*

What's more, even though I go lame more days than I care to admit (specifically, about 17), I'm really looking forward to showing off the rest of my year. I'm braver than I remembered. I'm happier than I sometimes think. And even when it's hard to be me, I have a lot of reasons to keep a smile on my face.

*Note: numbers include today's photo, not yet on my photostream.