Monday, September 18, 2006

Curvy pursuits

I've been neck-deep in goings-on - haven't even made it to Stitch 'n' Bitch in a couple of weeks - but things on the creative front are going pretty well. I'm making very nice progress on my first Ballband Dishcloth from Mason-Dixon, though not on much else project-wise.

On the other hand, this...

...arrived in the mail today. This is the pattern for the lovely purple swirly afghan thing - aka Curve of Pursuit, by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer at Woolly Thoughts - in M-DK, which a great many folk have been going ape over. It was, in fact, that photo of Ann Buechner's interpretation of the LPSAT that convinced me to buy the booklet.

For obvious reasons, it's become very popular...and I'm way jazzed about getting my very own. The pattern looks quite easy - Log Cabining with short rows and more reserve stitches. Chances are that I'll do mine in purple too - but especially since I've read more about the premise now, I'm going to do it with a different color arrangement, and probably with more than two.

And finally, I broke down and bought my first Euroflax at Twisted Yarns on Saturday. For reasons I cannot explain, three hanks of the Emerald colorway jumped into my hands. I swear: I was reaching for the red...I tried to pick up the brown...but I was inexorably drawn to the green. I *like* green, but there is very little of it in my home; I don't know anybody else who's a big fan, either, so I'm at a loss as to why I had to bring it home with me. My dear girly friend Holly thinks it's probably because the red was going to bleed. I wonder if it's because my life needs more color variety.

In any case, I've just tied it into a pillowcase and washed it, in hopes that my hands will not go raw working with it. I hear the washing works well; guess I'll see when it comes out of the dryer. I think it wants to be a shawl. Unless I can think of someone who has a bathroom color scheme that hand-knitted emerald green linen hand towels would fit into. And for whom I would not flinch to give $60 worth of yarn and several days of effort.

If I think of anybody...I probably won't let you know. :) And in the meantime, I'm about to finish the Ballband, start planning some sewing, and get the party started on the Neutral Log Cabin.

Nefarious plans enter my head even as I speak. *evil eyebrow*


Plum Texan said...

UPDATE: Apparently, I did not tie my zippered pillowcase bundle quite tight enough...and now I have one marginally tangly hank, and two massive rats' nests of linen.

At least they're all in separate pieces.

Amy said...

I can help with those knotty hanks of yarn. I LUUUURVE untangling things. It's calming and stress relieving - both of which i could use right now.

Oh! and should I be worried about this evil eyebrow waggling going on??

Plum Texan said...

You know what the best part of that is? I'm going to LET you help me untangle them. I will feel much less guilty since you offered than I would have if I'd asked. :D

The Eyebrow of Evil is similar to my favorite two-year-old's Tongue of Mischief, and means only that magic is about to be afoot. Heh.