Friday, March 23, 2007

Quick, sick, and late

Just a few items:

1. Work has been completely kicking my rear - most days for the last month, I've worked 8a-7p or more, plowing like mad the whole time. This week was finally a little slower...which is a good thing, I guess, since...

2. I am presently being spanked like an ill-behaved 7-year-old by what appears to be a combination ear-nose-throat infection. I spent today at home on doctor's orders, and I got a bit tired of staring blankly at the TV or trying to sleep and failing due to a hacking, disturbing cough that must have the neighbors convinced that I'm about to die of something really gross. Also, despite the fact that I can more or less breathe out of both nostrils now, my right ear feels completely closed over and nothing, flat nothing, is making a difference.

3. Those of you with standard-issue domestic critters really, really need to look at this if you feed them wet food. It's a HUGE recall of foods that have caused kidney failure in both species and, worst of all, caused several hundred deaths, and while most of it involves store brands, it also includes Iams and Eukanuba. A few days old, but worth passing on nonetheless.

Knitting time has been especially slim for a couple of weeks, though as my SnBers can attest, I've made what I think is admirable progress on the Forest Canopy shawl. I will probably not make my 43 Things challenge deadline of March 31, but I will forgive myself. The Sea Silk is indeed a dream to work with, and after three years of knitting and grousing to the contrary, I finally find myself loving small needles (US4 Clover bamboo circulars). Of course there are WIP pictures to come, but not quite yet. To wit:

Item 1 is the major reason I've been AWOL lately - plus, with the new-Blogger switch, I have a hard time posting without wanting to fix everything I lost...and sleep is of the essence these days. If I'm going to come back to real posting, I want to do it right.

So I will remain scarce until I have time to get things, at home, at work...and then I'll be back all shiny and pretty and new. I still don't promise to post more than weekly (again: in knitting vs. blogging, knitting is scissors-cut-paper every time), but I'll be going for the more all-my-interests content that I originally intended.

Please note that an exception may be made for the Yarntopia anniversary event next Saturday - because I am setting aside a bit of bank and may consequently have to Flash My Haul.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go cough up a lung.


kelp! said...

Ooh, I'm sorry I missed the s+b this week, I want to see your shawl progress! We should get a group together (or I want to hop on your group) to make the trek down to Yarntopia next weekend...

Kara said...

Glad to see you back! Some of my friends have had this infection so I know the icky cough you speak of. Hope you feel better soon!

penny said...

Hope you are feeling better. ENT issues sux. :)