Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not fade away

So, what's 2 1/2 months between friends, eh?

Seriously: there is neither sob story nor great shakes behind this most recent of my absences. So where in the hell *have* I been, then? Lately, life is - sometimes good, sometimes bad. Work *might* achieve insane for the first time since January next week. I'm busy off and on, but at my leisure a lot lately.

Not that there isn't semi-big stuff happening, mind you, because there is. It would seem that I'm hitting a transitional phase - positively - in work, home life, creativity, and frame of mind. There's nothing I'm abandoning; in fact, I've picked a couple of old things back up and I'm planning to add still more.

Probably the best news, the news that I want to give most for now, is that I'm feeling...relaxed. It took me a while to get here, considering how much time I spent wound up like an overspun ply* in 2007, so I'm spending some time reveling.

It's like karmic payment for slogging through a mudpile of stress...and I am all about it.

* Lookit! Fiber content!!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Transitions are hard, even the positive ones. Relaxed is good. Whatever's happening, it's always good to see you here. Slog on!!