Monday, July 07, 2008

Vacation, part 3: FW (short), etc.

I find that I feel less guilty about not posting when I have not made too many promises. :) So...the vacation wrap-up, pretty briefly; plus a little other housekeeping.

Friday: Hot car, cute kid

After fortifying myself with Indian food and a dose of my honey, I set off for the north (with a brief detour to Twisted Yarns). One incredibly warm, four-hour-long car ride later, I settled in at a Chili's in Bedford with two of my favorite people:

thomas and caety

I can hardly believe this is the same Thomas. He's getting close to four now, and so smart. Also, I think he might resemble his mom just.a.little.

Tasty burger, nice long BFF chat...a good Friday.

Saturday: Reunited

I met my friend Kathy 12 years ago, when we both worked for the YMCA. We were close while I lived in FW, and did a good job of keeping up when I moved to Houston...until about two years ago, when we lost touch.

Happily, we set that right with a leisurely lunch, full of talk of husbands, kids, cats, and jobs - and as is always the case with good friends, it was like we hadn't missed a day.

5/365: kat cat sus

That's Kathy at left, Caety in the center, yours truly at right. Relaxed and happy looks good on all of us, I think.

Caety and I followed up with some successful shopping and a nice seafood dinner with her boys (seen here earlier, GameBoying away):

game boys

Sunday: Fin.

Except for a really nice lunch with Caety...the less said about Sunday, the better.

This vacation was definitely the re-set I needed, all in all. I didn't do absolutely everything I'd planned, but no time was really wasted and I did *plenty* all the way through. I think it also says something about how much I like my job that I didn't dread going back. It's busy again...but aside from a holiday weekend of feeling like butt, and Mechanical Failure Monday (my front tire [story here], my mom's air conditioner, and things at other peeps' houses), all is well in the land of:

16/365: self-explanatory

(I am so loving 365, even if my day-to-day quality varies wildly.)

Up next: maybe a post about my second big sewing project. :)

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Meredith said...

I need to take a vacation where I don't really do much except eat with friends and travel short distances-sounds lovely!