Sunday, November 23, 2008

General update, plus: many thanks.

So, yep, just over a month it's been. How time flies when you're doing Whatever. Not much in the way of great shakes to report: a nice anniversary weekend with my honey, a really great girls' weekend in the Fort Worth area with Amy and Caety (plus Thomas, and another special guest appearance by Jet!), and today, a tasty repast (my lands, people, that is some killer food) at the Houston Greek Festival.

If you follow my flickr, you may have noticed that the stream is bereft of new material lately. It's not that I'm not taking it...I just haven't been posting it. I am losing a bit of steam on my 365, plus not using the free time I have to my full advantage.

To some point, this means that what little I've done of interest lately is sort of lacking in evidence. Believe it or not, I actually achieved a knit FO in the last couple of weeks! My friend Gretchen delivered her gorgeous baby girl on Friday - just eight days after I gifted her with a Plum Ripples blanket (details at Ravelry for now).

The news for now is that I'm actually looking forward to the holidays this year. Seems like several years of headless chickening, plus last year's extremely high stress and sadness factor, have noodged me back in the direction of actually enjoying the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I'm aiming for relaxed and organized (you there! in the back! QUIT THAT GIGGLESNORTING!), but I think I'll be satisfied with happy.


So, in advance of this week's festivities, it's time for my thanks...

That everyone I know and love made it through a big storm safely. Including Amy, as well as her loved ones, plowing through the rebuilding of Galveston as only BOI* people can.

That my parents didn't bat an eye when we stayed with them for two weeks, since we didn't have power and they did.

That I have a good job and work with people I really enjoy.

That I live in a nice house and have a car and plenty of clothes and food and two furry little cats and a big furry husband and lots of not-so-furry friends and family.

Turkey Day ahoy! Have a great Thanksgiving, complete with safe travels if you need them. I'll be back sometime before the year is out.

* Born On the Island, a Galvestonian's badge of honor.

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Caety said...

How did you hear me gigglesnorting all the way up there?!?