Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Holy crap I'm on the Harlot's blog!!!

(Red shirt. Texas dishcloth.)



Mamie said...


Kara said...

Hey there. Fellow Texan here. I saw you on The Harlot's blog, and then came to your blog because I'd love to find out where you got the pattern for the TX dishcloth! So cool! Could you email me and let me know? Thanks!


Purl said...

Hi! I also found you on the Harlot's blog. I live in Houston, but sadly was unable to see her in Austin. I feel like I missed the biggest event in the knitting world.

Great to see you blog! And congratulations on your fame.

Kara said...

Sure I'd love to be on your list. I just saw your TCU link. My husband and I are both horned frogs ('01 and '02).