Friday, August 04, 2006

Should anyone else be wondering...

Pattern for the Texas dishcloth:

Knitting Knonsense Texas Cloth

with mad props to Rhonda for the 50 state patterns. For details on the tweak I'm making to mine, e-mail me at:

plumtexan at earthlink dot net

(Thanks for asking about this, was a good reminder!)

Sorry for the delay on the detailed account. I've been terribly work-busy for the last two days, and just couldn't skip Stitch 'n' Bitch tonight!

I'm glad I didn't. We picked up another couple of cool new-to-us knitters, and there was much ogling (of patterns!) and fondling (of yarn, people. Jeez.), as lots of folk are rocking a new batch of projects.

Me? I struggled through half a repeat of a lace pattern swatch. Most of the struggle was that this was my first time to do true Continental. My normal style is Combined, and while I worked out the correct way to alter the decreases, none of the lace I tried before looked quite right. More importantly, it didn't feel right in my hands as I knit it.

Anyway, the Continental is slightly slow-going for now. I know I'll get it working faster - it's just the in-between that's driving me crazy! But: Must. Do. Lace.

Helloooo to all the new readers who saw me on the Harlot's blog! I'm so jazzed and it's a lot of fun to hear from all of you. I'll be checking y'all out too. first "y'all" on the blog! Now that's sentimental.

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Christine said...

I think I missed your URL in my long Harlot post. You can flog me at the Central SnB when I make it there. ;-) I am hanging my head in shame.

Let me know if you need Continental or lace help. I do both.