Thursday, May 21, 2009


After all the times I've made false promises, I'm sure at least one of you is surprised to see me back today. Ha ha!

To be fair, I don't have the full brunt of the content I was planning. My evening did not go according to my schedule, so you won't get evidence of my current craftiness. I will tell you about it, though. I have once more lost my knit-mojo (seriously, people, that is getting REALLY old), so a few weeks ago, I took up crochet again. Started by learning granny squares from a video, picked out a doily pattern & started it up with Mo, and found that once I had flat and outward going, I was just fine. This particular piece will be larger than its original...much larger, since it has to fit on my humongous melon and over my hair. Because...

...we are going to DFW for the holiday weekend, and on Sunday, I'll wear period garb to a renaissance festival for the first time in 20 years of going! As a married lady, it's only proper to wear something to cover your hair...fashionably, if nothing else. I picked out a gorgeous claret thread to match the trim on my bodice, and it looks amazing in my very dark hair, too. Don't worry, you'll see.

Then, after two days back at work, I'll be on the road again...stalking the Yarn Harlot. When I saw her Texas visits were on consecutive weeknights, I had a bit of a meltdown – until my reasonable husband suggested I ask my boss about it. What a concept. Turns out I needn't have worried, and that not only will I be able to enjoy Stephanie with Amy in Plano on 5/29 – I'll get to subject the very lovely Central Texas folks (including David, who damn near made my week with his sparrow post) to my presence the day before. SCORE. (Same notes on pictures apply.)

And here's a note on the joys (yes, the joys) of Facebook. There are plenty of reasons to FB and not to FB, and I'm respectful of both. But on top of all the virtual reasons I have to be pro, I now have a couple of real ones. First, one of my dearest friends from high school recently appeared in our FB class rolls, and we've been chatting off and on for a couple of weeks. I haven't seen her in person in about 15 years, and last wrote to her about nine years ago.

She lives Far Far Away these days and lives a brilliant and exciting life, but I met her for dinner Friday night as she was home on a visit. Perhaps not an unlikely story, I know, but when it's been this long since you've seen someone, they live halfway across the continent, and they're one of only about 10 people from high school you ever care to see again, it starts to make FB look pretty good.

My other specific reasons are mostly personal. And while I did a cost-benefit analysis a few days this weekend, there was a whole lot more than I could possibly tell. It seems the winds have shifted again, in a good but very, very exhausting way.

So I roll along with my vernal equinox hyperthermia, already more than aware of how quickly the Real Summer is approaching. I scan the sweaty horizon for signs of what will come with it.

And even though they may be a little blurry and the skin tone a little yellow, I take photos with my new camera:

That would be 1 of 52. As in 52 Weeks of self-portraits. 365 daunted me overmuch, but I think 52 I can handle.

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