Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things that are new

I have nothing to show for it. I realize that, therefore, it's a bit of a tease to break blog silence for this. But I can't help myself...because people, I GOT A NEW CAMERA.

It's a Canon XS equipped with an 18-55 kit lens. I've tested the waters and got it going a bit, including figuring out the modes. I'm also itching to try out my other old EF lenses...

...but since I don't have anything other than cats to shoot, and I got home kind of late tonight, it will just have to wait. After, what, 10 or so years of digital, I guess another day won't hurt anything.

And no empty promises: I have things to tell you, and I should be able to do it tomorrow! So watch this space. I may bore the crap out of you, but I for one will be fascinated.

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