Friday, September 12, 2008

Mid-day and all is still well

Howdy, all. A new day, a much scarier look at the storm. ABC13 news pointed out quite a while ago that Galveston Island is flooding and not a drop of rain has fallen the storm surge is going to be quite an SOB.

I'm happy to say that I've spoken to Amy today, and she is safely bunkered just outside Austin. Her loved ones seem to have gotten out of harm's way, too.

At this point, it looks my mom and stepdad are on their way out of town as well. They live in evacuation zone C, which for some unknown reason has not yet received an order. Thankfully, they're not waiting - they're packing up and headed toward Austin to stay with my stepdad's sister.

We're still on terra firma around my neck of the woods (and in the areas where the rest of my Houston peeps live), but that may not last much longer. Not sure what all this is going to bring, honestly. I think we'll be safe where we are (and if that changes, we can move quickly), but this could be the worst thing the Texas Gulf Coast has seen in decades in terms of damages.

Fingers crossed. Praying. Using up a lot of tape. Putting on our hauling-ass shoes. At this point, that's about all we can do.


Meredith said...

Yeah, we're still here too. I'm glad that we're not close to the water - Galveston is looking pretty scary already!

Jet said...

Fingers crossed for you! Has the rain been bad?