Thursday, September 11, 2008

The plan

My best friend text-messaged me a bit ago to ask if I had any plans for getting out of harm's (read: Hurricane Ike's) way. My answer?

"Masking tape and hard cider."

Not to be flip about the dangers, mind you. This thing is MASSIVE and is going to beat Houston and pretty much the entire western Gulf Coast to pieces. I haven't been here for one this big* since Hurricane Alicia in 1983, which (being 10 years old) I slept through.

This is just a quick stop by for those of you who might wonder. Bryan and I will indeed be staying at home with Fuzz and Snoopy and a whole lot of canned food. Not to give you my address, but we are not in an evacuation zone and the worst we expect is loss of power.

I have also been talking to Galveston resident (Sea Anemone) Amy, who is evacuating to the Hill Country and will be safe there. (Haven't talked to other SnBuddies, but if you're reading, stay safe and dry!)

That's the news from the strike zone. Believe it or not, I'm actually *working* from home right now...remember Hell Month from previous years? Yep, we're right in the thick of it. So, as I've told my peeps, I'll be online until/unless I can't.

So, a teeny little request: all thoughts/vibes/prayers including (but not limited to) "dissipation," "weakening storm," "quick restoration of power," and "safe residents" are very much appreciated. I'll update when I can.

Signing off with vanilla vodka wishes and vienna sausage least until tomorrow.


Penny said...

You've got it!

stay safe, have some fun, and know that i'm thinking dry thoughts ...

Mo said...

Yo chickie!!! Stay safe and dry! We went to Fiesta and bought a crapload of beer and dog food so that was the extent of our hurricane prep.