Sunday, September 07, 2008

Notes from the (almost) quarter-point

It's day 83 of my 365, one week-ish shy of the quarter-year mark, and I've decided that Now It's Time For a Breakdown.*

- Number of 365 photos including my entire face: 42
(Slightly more than half. I was a bit surprised that it was this high.)
- Part of my face: 4
- With my hands as the intentional subject: 8
- With my hands included to make it technically a 365, though my real subject was something else: 20
- With my feet as the subject: 2
- With Bryan: 7
- With a friend/friends: 4
- With my mom: 2
- With a cat (accidentally or on purpose): 3
(I was surprised by this too - that it was so low.)
- At a grocery/home sundries store: 4
- With food I was making/eating: 6
- Knitting: 2
(This is really shameful.)
- At home: 32
- At work: 13
- In my car: 6
- Taken in the morning: 6
- Friday Faces: 11

And finally, for now -

Photos that I really, really love in which I am actually identifiable: 9

That this last is greater than 10% of the current photos just stuns me. True enough, by day 15 I had already noticed that this 365 was achieving one of my goals: feeling less self-conscious about being in photos. But I didn't imagine how much change I'd feel throughout my life because of it. And I'm *less. than a fourth. done.*

What's more, even though I go lame more days than I care to admit (specifically, about 17), I'm really looking forward to showing off the rest of my year. I'm braver than I remembered. I'm happier than I sometimes think. And even when it's hard to be me, I have a lot of reasons to keep a smile on my face.

*Note: numbers include today's photo, not yet on my photostream.

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