Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hobbled and unhobbled

Once again, it was a long, tough January. Different reasons this year...but the outcome has been the same: I've spent much of the month hobbled, lacking the energy, brainpower, or stamina (often all of the above) to accomplish all I'd hoped to.

Thus is the outcome when you start the new year with a bad cold, survive a layoff when a dear friend does not, get over the cold only to get the flu, and start to get rid of the flu only to come down with WALKING PNEUMONIA. (Hard to think or function when you find it difficult to breathe or sleep, really.) This caused me to miss my annual Austin trip for Youth & Government...insult to injury, and I've still not quite recovered from that, either.

Yes, I come to bury January 2009, not to praise it. But it's also time to reaffirm that my hopeful outlook for the year hasn't faded. I've managed to accomplish a fair amount of project-monogamous knitting on a gift project for one of my Top 5 people*...which, of course, I can't really show you.

I've managed some maintenance cleaning at home, started cooking dinner more often, and picked up new duties at work, too - and considering my rather pathetic state, I have to say that feels pretty good. I've already noted that January '08 didn't set the standard for the rest of the year, and I'm bound and determined that January '09 won't either. Motivation is still the Word, and one that even an inhaler and C!pr0-class antibiotic did not deter.

I can do it. February ahoy!

* Actually my Top 6, minus the one that's a knitter (aka Amy, my BFF [no longer] Local): my husband, my mom and C-dad, my BFF Emerita Caety, and her TallKid Thomas.

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