Friday, February 13, 2009

It's cool to be a dork

Following completion of a Facebook meme in which we became aware that our detective name consists of our favorite color and our favorite animal, A is for Amy and I had the following conversation via text. Warning: significant silliness follows.

AisforAmy: Purple Cat
this is Blue Cat checking in. ;)

PlumTexan: BWA!!! I just embarrassed myself LOLing at that...uh, I mean, roger that, Blue Cat. What's your 20? Over

A: Purple Cat my 20 is currently at a plus 7. Over. (I confess that my police talk is rusty and I can't remember what 20 actually is.)

P: Blue Cat. Your 20 is your location. Better brush up on your lingo. Over. :-)

A: Will do Purple Cat. Currently en route to a domestic dispute involving yarn. Apparently a bad sweater choice was made. Over.

P: Acknowledged. I expect a full report when the situation is under control. Please advise if said sweater is a cardigan or a pull...over.

A: Hahaha! Roger that Purple Cat. Said sweater is in its second incarnation as a pull...over.

P: *gigglesnort* Roger that, Blue Cat. Over and out.

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Octopus Knits said...

Ha! That is hilarious :) I would snort, too...