Monday, August 20, 2007


As one might have gathered, I've been in a world-class funk the last few days (though I did just give myself a chuckle at a typo I made trying to type "funk" the first time). I have a variety of reasons, many of which are TMI...and some of which are just...ugh.

Not least of which, the kick-assedness that is Sea Anemone Amy, aka Yarn Enabler Amy, is moving way the hell back to Galveston. I'm thrilled that she was able to escape her yucky job for a great brand new one, but DAMMIT my bestest local pal farther away DAMMIT!

So when I visited tonight to see her tell the story to the blogosphere at large, I was not surprised to see that someone had nominated her for this:

But you see, that's not here because I just nicked it; it's here because Amy nominated me today. So here I was, enjoying a perfectly good wallow, planning a pity party, Grumpytown population: me, and I go and I'm all ready to mope all over Sea Anemone Knits, and instead...I melt into a puddle of grateful.

Well, OK...maybe I still moped a little. But it's hard to keep a grouchy countenance in the face of such...niceness. Seriously: friendship means everything, and the day-to-day things matter more than we know. But when somebody tells the world that you rock - well, that just sets
things spinning a lot differently.

So thank you, my favorite Yarn Enabler...and may the next step on your path be the best ever. (But I'm still going to miss you, dammit.)


And in honor of the award's spirit, my RGB mad props go out to Sharon of Sharon's Knitknacks, the first knitblogger I ever read and still one of my very favorites; and Colleen of The Pretty Pear, a repository of awesome knowledge on good-looking plus-sized clothes and fashion. (Not that there aren't many more...just that most of the rest I know have been nominated already!)

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