Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend blehs

Feeling not so hot for a couple of days + too much alone time + WORK TO DO + headache + actually needing to get on my own computer but can't + having to rearrange stuff so that the maintenance guys don't get stuff all over my yarn = yeah, not so much of an update. I even have Random Photos that I can't load up, because my husband is using my computer and I've griped at him enough, little fibery stuff.

Suffice to say, the weekend did not go as I'd hoped; the major positives were a nice tapas lunch on Saturday with Amy and her BFF, about a row of the Forest Canopy, and some really great pork loin (courtesy of Soup King and Pork Prince TechieBK). I'm not even going to put hopes or projections up today; I can't bear to miss any more deadlines.

I'm sure that you'll all be glad to hear that I'm keeping the not-so-perky post a short one. See y'all at some point this week...and I'll try to be in a better mood.


Monica said...

Sorry you had a less-than-stellar weekend. Hope you're week goes better!

Plum Texan said...

Thanks, Monica. Every good wish helps!