Tuesday, August 07, 2007


(If you're not familiar with Queen Anne's Lace - though I'd love to see a show of hands if anyone is - imagine that sung in seven-part harmony. It's really quite lovely.)

I suppose at least three of you want to know who won. That's right, three (count 'em!) entries were received for my contest. I was stunned to discover that only Laura, Kara, and Jet were interested in free stuff, but of course that made my job a bit easier...which I am all about.

Everyone got it at least half right. On July 20, 2003, I met TechieBK Bryan, sometimes known as Mr. Plum Texan, for the first time. A great story, but one I'll tell later. At any rate, this is the part for which you all came up roses.

Other (really good) guesses included my "knitiversary" (which is actually about December 15, and it'll be four years this year), and kitty birthdays (September 30, and they'll both be 10!). Only one got the second one right: on July 17 of last year, after ten and a half months as a contractor, I was hired permanently for the Best Job Ever.

Kara, come on down! (Or let me e-mail you...not that I'd mind if you did come down...oh, you know what I mean.)

And thanks also to Cable Queen Laura and Jet Lee, International Crime Fighter for making this fun. Maybe more of you will feel lemming-like next time...


A bit of something to make up for the rambly:

A macro of the back of the Forest Canopy. I've just finished another repeat, and I'm thinking one more might cut it. My dwindling but dense little ball of Sea Silk is still quite the wonder. Also, I still love my camera.


Coming tomorrow: my Secret Pal 11 questionnaire, complete with permanent link for my pal's convenience. Yay! Giving and getting secret stuff! :)

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Kara said...

Just wanted to say "hurrah!" I'm excited about my prize. :)

I think my work anniversary is coming up, too. Last August I started writing exclusively for a small company, and I really love it.

Congrats on your first year of blogging!