Sunday, July 08, 2007

Good idea...bad idea

As I'd planned, there was Big Love, knitting, and baking this weekend. Also a little apartment hunting, a big headache, and some cleaning up.

Fortunately, only one of those things was bad in and of itself. But all the rest, combined with the return of the summer sun (and, consequently, the heat) have left me...well...plum tuckered. So, a quick rundown:

- I got one repeat of the Forest Canopy done. I'm forgiving myself the one I didn't get through, since I accomplished so much else, and it is growing pretty rapidly.
- We did some more planning for an autumn move. Right now, our challenge is finding a place that will allow us to reduce our rent without too many compromises, most importantly in neighborhood safety and kitchen space. We're batting about .500 at the moment, but there's more on the horizon.
- Significant baking did indeed go on today, with more - plus further documentation - soon to come. There is Old-Fashioned Coca-Cola Cake and a whack of oatmeal cranberry cookies ready for my co-workers to devour on Tuesday. Tomorrow, I'll stir up a moist yellow layer cake with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting.

The second cake may put my next post off to Tuesday, but you'll get to see final results on all the baked goods...and perhaps a step-by-step on the oatmeal cookies. I do continue to question my own sanity, what with all this baking in mid-July...but so far, it would seem that the results are worth it:

I think Bryan and I both are going to have fits trying to keep our hands off that cake. The cookies have already been gently assaulted, and it would seem that cranberries and pecans work just as well as chocolate chips.

So for now, a quick hello to any new readers that might be out there, and hasta luego, before I collapse on my keyboard.


Jet said...

Mmmmmm....cake. Can I be your co-worker? :)

Plum Texan said...

Oh, Crime have no idea - that would thrill me no end. :) Come visit and there will be cake again! Or something else baked, at any rate.

Amy said...

pumpkin bread??

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

It was great to meet you and talk to you yesterday. I will try and come more often since I don't live far at all.

Good luck on your first lace shawl. I think it's awesome in that sea silk.