Friday, July 06, 2007

To clarify, plus: weekend, etc.

Thanks for all the good wishes! I'm quite OK now, but indeed, I was driving down the tree-lined River Oaks section of San Felipe when the errant Sub appeared in front of me, in the same lane. This morning, it even occurred to me that he might have been playing hindsight, it didn't seem all that accidental, and the driving was pretty steady, if a bit, you know, EFFING MISPLACED.

*shakes it off*

Enough of that, then. I'm presently enjoying the hell out of Paula's Party on Food Network (Paula Deen, large blocks of cheese, handsome young Army officers in tuxedoes...what's for a Southern f*t girl not to love?) and gearing up to plow through a couple of rows on the Forest Canopy.

Further to the FC, I turned in a couple of Netflix and may be receiving the first two discs of Big Love tomorrow. If they arrive, it's occurred to me that it's perfect knitting wallpaper. I'm aiming to complete at least two more repeats this weekend...guess we'll talk about that on Sunday evening!

I've been greatly looking forward to the end of this particular week. I'm kind of tired and am experiencing some work burnout, though we're not yet insanely busy again. Soon, though...soon.

Hence why I have scheduled myself a nice FIVE-DAY weekend at the end of the month. No mistake, I still adore my job - but I really need a break to get my groove back before flying headlong into the Big-Ass All-Consuming Trade Show Craziness in August and September. There are no grand plans for now, except for continuing the home progress of the last few weeks and knitting a whole hell of a lot. Paradise Found, if you ask me.

My plans continue to build here as well. Kelly has graciously agreed to give me a hand with reworking the site, and as I go, I'll be making good on my promise of diversifying the content, as I'd originally planned. Coming next week:

- I'm reading two different fiction books at once and have at least three more in the wings. So I'll give you a quick list and a few extra details.
- Because I volunteered to make departmental birthday desserts for July, I'll be doing practice baking this weekend. Step-by-step photos ahoy!

Speaking of's one for the road: Pablo (aka The Buddy), caressing his dearest love.


Amy said...

What about "The String"?????

Plum Texan said...

Oh, no, dude - the food is his A-number-one all-time BFF. You've seen him...are you surprised? :)