Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tinkering, timeliness, and a contest

The Sunday evening post is no longer a piece of's now my pattern, apparently. I step in with a sigh, as I'd intended to post more this week, and if nothing else, to have the Heaven and Hell Cake photos up on Flickr.

Alas, no such progress. The week just got away from me, what with work getting busy again and me trying to reorganize my life and, also, preparing for a mini-vacation this week. Yep, there's a whole lot going on.

Nope, no photos today...but that's about to become a less common occurrence, as I finally picked out and purchased a new camera. The Canon A570 IS is winging its way to me this week. I can't begin to tell you how much I'm looking forward to photos that don't need much tinkering, and since it seems I can't stand still even when I think I am, the image stabilizer will be a great help. Expect much crowing when I get the thing in my hot little hands.

The Forest Canopy is still in the works; the rows are hellaciously long now, and I really want to finish. But it's going very well, despite missing several yarn-overs and not discovering them until Thursday night, when Kelly helped me figure out where to ladder them up (thanks again!).

Kelly's also taking a look at my bloggish stuff, since I need a techier mind than mine to get all the way to a rework. I haven't been doing nearly enough legwork on this; I want to re-template and get everything the way I'd like it, but I lost a bit of steam this week. Still, I'm proud of myself for doing this weekly; I've long said that if that's the best I can do, it's a good standard to hold.

You will see some progress, that I can promise. In fact, I came by just to raise some interest in sticking around to see what comes next...especially considering that my real blogiversary - that is, the anniversary of my first post with actual content - is just over a week away. So: a contest!

How to enter: Answer the following question by sending an e-mail to plumtexan AT earthlink DOT net. Please DO NOT leave your answer in the comments, so that everyone can guess as wildly as they like with no extra help. :)

During the month of July, I celebrate three anniversaries that are very important to me. Obviously, one of them is my blogiversary, July 30-31. I marked the other two last week - one on the 17th, one on the 20th. What are they?

(In a fit of generosity, I'll go ahead and tell you that my wedding anniversary is October keep guessing!)

The winner will receive some Very Nice Yarn or Books in the form of one $25 gift certificate to an online retailer. TechieBK will draw a name at random from all correct answers (or all similar answers) - unless there's only one right answer. If only one of you guesses correctly, that one will be the lucky recipient. I'll announce the winner on July 31...and if all goes well, it will be framed in a new template.

I'd also planned to tell you about my upcoming five-day weekend - but it's bedtime, so that may have to wait until I'm actually on it. Have a good week till then!


Caety said...

Out of fairness to others, I'll exempt myself from answering - one less name in the hat, since I probably know the answers better than anyone. :)

Laura said...

Happy Blogiversary! Now I'm going off to guess wildly.

Caety said...

I just posted to LJ 4 times in less than 12 hours. Is it snowing down your way yet?