Thursday, July 05, 2007

Still more progress, and going All In

(Nope, no new photos...all my photo mojo went to eBay last night.)

I'm now a full repeat past the original body chart on the Forest Canopy. With a couple of hands from Sharron at SnB tonight, I determined that the blocked wingspan would be approximately 40". Only 25" to go! (My personal wingspan is about 68", and I figure a couple of inches less is OK.)

So tonight, mad props go out to:

- Sharron, for the aforementioned handiness;
- Laura, for showing me in short, unpanicked, profanity-free fashion how to fix my profanity-laden eff-up (I'd missed a was the easiest fix ever);
- And Amy, temporarily to be re-nicknamed Panic Disabler Amy, for talking me down from a near panic attack incurred when I was - no exaggeration - nearly hit head-on by a Suburban on my way home from SnB.

No, I'm not kidding...yes, I'm mostly OK (if still a bit shaky even an hour later). I think I may have cashed in a couple of karma chips on this one. (If anybody can tell me how I earned them in the first place, please do, because I think this was pretty close to All In and I might need to restock.)

Anyway, thanks, y'all. Is it any wonder that I live for Thursdays? (Oh, jeez, no pun intended.)


Amy said...

wow... I was gifted a new nickname!!! that's pretty impressive. i dont get enabler replacement nicknames often...erm...ever.

Jet said...

So glad you're OK. Driving in Houston is always an adventure. heh.

Can't wait to see the Forest Canopy. With pictures, of course :)

Twisted Knitter said...

Yikes! What a scare -- I assume the Suburban was going the wrong way? So glad you're okay!

Laura said...

Oh scary! I'm glad you didn't die ;) You'll live for another Thursday.